P O L Y    E S T E R


I am Poly ester.  You wear me, and you start to itch. You thought I was the real thing until you saw the tag, and I'm here to ask, "what made you look?" I am the crack in the fantasy, a validation of the uncanny. 100% synthetic, completely man-made, and the evil spawn of memes and the holy trinity (John Waters, David Lynch, Clive Barker). 

I perform weekly on stages throughout NYC and in countless virtual drag shows.  My art practice extends from dramaturgy, sound mixing, and design, to stage makeup, costuming, and directing my live and pre-recorded performances.

I'm fueled by existential questions sprung from my eclectic personal obsessions.  I’m endlessly curious about what it means to be alive and perform identity, to put contradictions together, to be present with others, to exist beyond the boundaries of gender. I use my art to pose questions, making my audience live in the discomfort of my unknowings.  

My mission is to merge the highbrow world of performance art and lowbrow performance of drag and put them in conversation. My specialty is splicing the humorous with the uncanny, delivering a shocking, high-octane act that applies explosive pressure to the intersections of societal opposites. I aspire to elevate nightclub drag to the standard of performance art and unravel the assumptions of both, exposing your silks for Poly ester.

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